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    45 year old native Texan, happily married to one of the best men on this earth. One great son from a previously bad marriage. Rancher, animal lover, flower gardner, reader of murder mysteries or true crime. Bones, Criminal Minds and CSI are my favorite shows. I usually tell it like I see it.
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  • June 2006
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I think

Posted by texascoyote on June 20, 2006

I have this wp stuff figured out, it has taken a while but the blog is shaping up.

H was off this past weekend and all we mainly did was clean out his Mothers garage, this is someone who throws nothing away.  We filled over 25 large trash bags and that is not even a dent.

All the dust and heat had me pretty cruddy feeling on Sunday.

Raining here again, we had over 3 inches on the weekend.  We need it, everthing was getting crunchy.

Z,  Haven't figured out yet what to say on that question about where I am.  I think if a person wants to know they should email me.

Have a good day 🙂


One Response to “I think”

  1. stitch said

    Looking good in here!
    I do kind of having a place for reading – wasn’t sure if it’d work out but it looks OK there – no personal stuff whatsoever, and it’s all Star Wars based so I dont think it’ll be of much interest….bit if you’re ever bored….


    I don’t know anyone on there, no one uses their real names..it’s just all about the books…

    Hugs xx

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