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Posted by texascoyote on June 21, 2006

Don't know if this made world news or not, I'm sure it did.

Myspace is being sued by a woman from Austin, this is 45 minutes away from me and Austin is where I was born, so I have a lot of ties to this town.

30 Million because they had no security measures in place???

This woman has no clue how easy it is to pass along information even if there were security measures in place.

I'm sorry her daughter was assaulted, I wish that on no one, but this is NOT myspaces fault.

We all have to keep an eye on what our kids are doing….ALL THE TIME

Been there done that!


3 Responses to “”

  1. stitch said

    It pretty much gets filed under ‘crazy American lawsuits’ over here, but I did see it on Yahoo this morning.

    Utter lunacy.

  2. clare said

    Finaly I got time to comment 🙂
    its looking good in here

  3. Crazy Americans is right!
    The guy that assaulted her is going to sue Myspace too.

    People are freaks.

    Hi Clare!! Thank you!

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