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    45 year old native Texan, happily married to one of the best men on this earth. One great son from a previously bad marriage. Rancher, animal lover, flower gardner, reader of murder mysteries or true crime. Bones, Criminal Minds and CSI are my favorite shows. I usually tell it like I see it.
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  • June 2006
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Posted by texascoyote on June 24, 2006

I am one of the most impatient and un-forgiving people you will ever know.

I will not tolerate rudeness, disregard for others, or stupid people.

I am also one of the hardest on people.  Only those that really care about me put up with it.

I don’t go out looking for trouble, I hate conflict.  But if you show up around me and start your whining and I see you are making me and others uncomfortable…..then you will get a piece of me.

I am only loyal to those that I care about.

2 people are really starting to get on my nerves right now, my OXO and my XOX.

My XOX thinks for the most part he can do and say what he wants to me, it’s like the saying ” If your going to dish it out, then you have to be able to take it ”  He cant.  He seems to be jealous of me.

He needs all of the attention all the time from my XOXR, when I’m around he is constantly interupting me when I am speaking to her. 

I will ask him a question and get the answer ” you wouldn’t understand it if I told you ” 

Fuck him, I will never ever ask him anything anymore.

Then my OXO lets everyone run over her, granted she lets them, but then all she does is bitch about it.  We have told her that we don’t want to hear it if she is going to continue to let people run her life and emotions….that goes in one ear and out the other and then we get to hear about it all over again.

So here I am.

This was mainly a vent but maybe you learned a little more about who I really am


4 Responses to “Me”

  1. stitch said

    Being intolerant of those qualities is a GOOD thing -x-

  2. I think so too, but some people see me as to hard on people..that they deserve more than one chance.

    We are all entitled to screw up once.

  3. clare said

    I wish I was MORE like you in this case. I give people far too many chances, I guess its something we all learn as we get older. 🙂

  4. Thanks Clare
    I think it’s because I was pushed around for so many years that I have turned into this.

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