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    45 year old native Texan, happily married to one of the best men on this earth. One great son from a previously bad marriage. Rancher, animal lover, flower gardner, reader of murder mysteries or true crime. Bones, Criminal Minds and CSI are my favorite shows. I usually tell it like I see it.
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  • June 2006
    S M T W T F S
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Getting Old

Posted by texascoyote on June 26, 2006

I went Saturday night to listen to S and didn't get home until around 2:30.  I only had 2 beers.

I still felt like hell yesterday, I woke up around 7:30 had some coffee and got everybody fed and laid back down for the rest of the day. I suppose the coffee did me in as I never got back to sleep.

So from now on, a nap will be needed before any late night activities for this OLD Texas Coyote!


4 Responses to “Getting Old”

  1. stitch said

    Glad you had a good time coyotelass 🙂 -x-

  2. Thanks Stitcharoony 🙂

  3. clare said

    a good time is all that matters! dont worry about feeling old!

  4. Actually I was by my self, H had to work,and the new GF had gone to the coast.

    It wasn’t bad tho, I was able to visit with the guys and learn some things, S is happy and comfortable with them and he’s having a good time, they even played my request WOOHOO!

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